Saturday, May 3, 2014


Dear Valeria,

Formosa is an island call'd by the natives Gad-Avia, from Gad Beautiful and Avia an Isle; by the Chinese is call'd Pac-Ando, (which signifies the same) for Pac is Beautiful and Ando an Island. It is one of the most pleasant and excellent of all the Asiatick Isles, whether we consider the convenient Situation, the healthful Air, the fruitful Soil, or the curious Springs and useful Rivers, and Rich Mines of Gold and Silver wherewith it abounds; for it enjoys many advantages which other islands wants, and wants scarce of any of those which they have.

Formosa and Japan are the remotest parts towards the East which are hitherto known or discover'd, and so they are the first Countries that are visited with the Rays of the Morning Sun.

(I know you like images of exotic places. Please, have a look at my drawings of the people of Formosa)

yours sincerely,

George Psalmanazar

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