Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Dear Valeria,

Goose pimples spread
Over my entire body
And the hairs on my crown
Gradually bristled;
Drops of sweat trickled
Steadily down my bosom
And I quivered as quivers
The water when the wind blows
Upon the bowl of the new fountain
Which is always overflowing.
That little owl abiding there
As if it were the very devil
Stared hard at me
With its scavenging eyes
(I surmised these preyed on me
From the moment I spied them afar).
They seemed born of fire to me
And I suppose that they burned me;
I suppose they were crimson firebrands
From hells' bonfire
Which entered through my pupils
And went straight to the heart.
In it was remorse
Of illicit sweet loves...
Ah, whoever has such loves
Can not find good repose!

Kindest regards,

RosalĂ­a De Castro

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